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Dear You

Dear you,  You've played it hard too, You're a warrior of  your own battle,  And life will grant you something without a hassle. Dear you,  Empty the heartaches, Take away all the sadness,  And life will grant you with happiness.  Dear you,  Don't be so rude, You've done enough sincerely true, And life will grant... Continue Reading →

And it’s over 

Some things in our lives remain permanently and temporarily. Even life itself is a temporal thing and death is permanent. We may not notice it sometimes that were holding on to things unworthy and letting go the important things and then we have regrets.  Just like a good movie, it has beginning and an ending.... Continue Reading →

Beyond Burning Passion 

Each and everyone of us has a story to tell. Some may not be as interesting as the other, but they all worth a pair of ears and a compassionate heart to listen. Every SUCCESS lies blood, sweat, and tears.  Yes,  they are all interconnected. We are like a hot water in a cup.  We need... Continue Reading →


"Happiness isn't a choice.. it's a destination in life." Even if one haven't decided to be happy, even if one wasn't ready, they end up being happy and that's  a positive event. When being happy is the only choice left we have.. and eventually we learn to accept that it's our destination.. and we should... Continue Reading →

What are you good for? 

Are you good for something?  Don't you know that something is one thing that could be anything? Yes, we are all good for specific things in life. But to tell you, life is not as easy as we spell it.  Experience is the best teacher.. it doesn't mean you lived long enough you had more... Continue Reading →

Total Fascination

Have you ever been fascinated with one simple magical thing?  I do, I always get fascinated with sunset. I wonder before how does it feel like to witness the whole magical thing of sunset until one day I did my best to witness it. That starts my fascination. It's more than awesome, more than magical,... Continue Reading →

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